Nashi Armonia restores the balance of irritated skin with a deep and delicate cleansing effect.

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Nashi Armonia Scrub

150 ml – Salone use

Nashi Armonia Shampoo

1000 ml – Salon use

250 ml – € 21,00

Formula advantages & benefits

The Nashi Armonia Shampoo formula is enriched with precious elements that take care and refresh the skin for beautiful and shiny looking hair:

  • Salicylic Acid encourages skin cell renewal.

  • Pomegranate extracts combat bacteria proliferation and restore skin balance.

  • Japanese pepper extracts act as a powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory.

  • Golden Calla Lily extracts restore skin sebum clearing and enlarging pores.


Yes, absolutely. Thanks to its specific purifying action, Nashi Armonia cleanses and eliminates skin impurities leaving a pleasant feeling of hygiene and freshness.

If you have a particularly dry scalp, we recommend the Nashi Argan treatment that improves scalp hydration. 

Yes, absolutely. The Nashi Armonia treatment has been created to delicately cleanse the scalp and hydrate the lengths. 

Nashi Armonia is a treatment that helps sooth the scalp and remove dead skin cells. It is not a medical treatment: psoriasis is a medical condition and in these cases, we recommend consulting a doctor before buying the product.

The Nashi Armonia treatment has a fresh and delicate fragrance that leaves a pleasant feeling of hygiene and freshness.

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