Blondy Joy

Blond Special

Nashi Blondy Joy gets rid of any unwanted yellow tones and boosts the colour in all types of blond hair, natural or dyed.

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Nashi Blondy Joy Purple Shampoo

1000 ml – Salon use

250 ml – € 21,00

Nashi Blondy Joy Purple Conditioner

1000 ml – Salon use

150 ml – € 21,50

Formula advantages & benefits

Blondy Joy is characterised by a deeply hydrating and nourishing formula that leaves hair incredibly soft and shiny:

  • The purple colourant helps blond hair to neutralise any unwanted tones and stay shiny.

  • Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E replenish strands making hair healthier and stronger.


Absolutely. The Nashi Blondy Joy treatment helps eliminate yellow tomes giving hair a natural look. 

If you usually shampoo twice, we recommend using Nashi Argan Shampoo for the first wash and Nashi Blondy Joy for the second.

Absolutely, thanks to its purple pigments it neutralises yellow tones and makes hair shine.

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